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RESERVE YOUR SEAT: Workshop: Ancestors, Creativity & Connection Each breath is an opportunity to love again.

RESERVE YOUR SEAT: Workshop: Ancestors, Creativity & Connection Each breath is an opportunity to love again.

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Ancestors, Creativity & Connection ~ Each breath is an opportunity to love again.

You are invited to join us in sacred community for a half day of ceremony, creativity and conversation to honor a deceased loved one, even while in the eb and flow of grief.

We will paint a symbolic tribute painting and to potentially a few participants will receive messages loved ones. 

Our desire is for you to feel witnessed, connected and in peace. No art experience is needed. Beginner and accomplished are welcomed!


"Thank you is so woefully insufficient...I'm truly overwhelmed with gratitude, love and inner peace. The message from my Mom was surreal. I wanted to deny what I was hearing, but Meghan kept going and too much matched perfectly. I had to go with it...and was freaking out the entire a good way of course! I have tried a couple of mediums but never had a REAL message like today so it caught me off guard. I have so many friends and family that could benefit from a session like today, and now I have a painted tribute too!"  ~ Mary


This is a virtual class via Zoom and will NOT be recorded. 

PLEASE NOTE: We are forming a waiting list for the next class, date is TBD however likely for Spring 2023, maybe sooner. Reserve your spot now. If for any reason this class does not happen your payment will be refunded. In the meantime, we offer you a free gift with an Intentional Creativity process, 10 FAQs on Mediumship and a Favorites reading list from Lauren. Use this link and the Code LOVE AGAIN for your gift. 

Only one ticket per household needed.


  • A candle and/or incense.
  • Canvas, suggested size is a square canvas, 10" x 10" or 12" x 12"
  • A plate to fit the canvas to use as a template to draw a circle, ie dinner plate or pot lid.
  • Acrylic paint in a rainbow of colors. GOLDEN Fluids suggested.
  • White acrylic paint, Fluid consistency (like heavy cream) will work better than Heavy Body (like toothpaste) however either will be ok.
  • Optional: Fineliner pen for fluid paint (used for detail work and writing)
  • Optional: Matte medium (GOLDEN or any) + blank paper + scissors 
  • Brushes in a variety of sizes. Silver Silk 88 suggested.
  • Important: 1/2" "flat" paintbrush or sponge brush (used to make the white "bricks" around the circular pattern) or ideally, a 1/2" flat brush and a 3/8" flat brush, however no need to purchase. What you have will work as long as you have something in those approximate sizes.
  • White chalk or watercolor pencil (a dark one and a light one is ideal, color isn't as important)
  • Optional: thin black permanent marker (like a fine tip Sharpie)
  • Jar for paint water & paper towels or old t-shirts.
  • Blow Dryer
  • Journal or paper and pen.

ZOOM Link will be emailed before the workshop. If you do not receive it please email


Kerry Lee, The Alchemical Artist, is an intuitive artist, art medium healer, coach, Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher® and Art Educator for GOLDEN Artist Colors and Silver Brush Ltd. The Intentional Creativity process released her 35-year case of "creative constipation" along with healing life’s traumas. As an artist who aims to make a difference in the world, Kerry Lee's artworks have message, meaning and purpose.

Her coaching focuses on self-discovery and healing grief. Her paintings are often about life's thresholds including celebrations of love, celebrations of birth and tribute paintings that provide a colorful and unique way to honor loved ones after death.

Kerry Lee hosts weekly online group open studio sessions for creative accountability, connection and inspiration through her Patreon community. She lives on on the indigenous land of the Bay Miwok Tribe in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

She can be reached at


Lauren Adorno-Weatherford is a certified Intentional Creativity Artist/Teacher and Elder leader for “Sacred Echoes of the Well”, a BIWOC community within Musea Center for Intentional Creativity. She co-leads monthly circles for Black and Brown women. Her passion is to uplift their voices, share story grounded in identity and culture, and create art that expresses their unique beauty.

As a Sacred Artist and Shaman Curandera, Lauren is currently navigating the world of grief after the recent death of her beloved father. Her deepest desire is to share the wisdom she has gained from making Death and Grief her Ally. Lauren lives in Northern California on the indigenous land of the Patwin Tribe.

She can be reached at


Meghan Lincoln has been practicing mediumship for many years and feels called to help bridge the gap between us and our loved ones who have crossed over. She knew at a very young age that she could hear her grandmother talk to her and sense her presence around her. This experience piqued her curiosity that sparked her journey of learning more. She has gained experience through enrichment at Lily Dale, a spiritualist community in New York.

Meghan's journey of mediumship unfoldment is continuous and her intention is to be a conduit to connect with spirit and to convey messages with accuracy and compassion, while maintaining an uplifting flow. Meghan lives in Pennsylvania and lives on the indigenous land of the Munsee Lenape Tribe. She can be reached at



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