Meet Kerry Lee, The Alchemical Artist

Artist, Guide, Healer, Fun Seeker
Transformational Catalyst in Community
Kerry Lee Artist
Certified Intentional Creativity® Teacher
Certified Golden Artist Colors & Silver Brush Ltd. Artist Educator
Artist, Love is Eternal Intuitive Remembrance & Tribute Paintings
Founder, The Self Discovery Wisdom School

Kerry Lee was born an artist. One of her first documented paintings was of John F. Kennedy's casket with an American Flag on it. This is how she expressed the world around her. As a child she received many awards for her art yet as a young teen a 35-year case of "creative constipation" set in due to cultural beliefs that artists couldn't make a living in the world and her own limiting beliefs. In the recession of 2008, her marriage ended and along with that the coffee business she helped found, leaving her with $1000 to her name. It was at that point Kerry Lee decided to re-discover who the artist was in her and embrace a new life as an artist who made a difference in the world.

She discovered Intentional Creativity®, became a certified teacher and left her corporate world in 2015 to become a full time artist and transformational catalyst in community. Kerry Lee has led transformative workshops, corporate team building events, professional development events for schoolteachers and administrators and private coaching, all focused on resilience building, self-discovery, gaining clarity and creativity that requires no art experience.

Kerry Lee considers herself an intuitive artist as her favorite way to paint and create is when she can follow her inner guide's inspiration to lead, and she has no idea how the artwork will turn out. She works with the bereaved to create a one-of -a-kind healing abstract paintings to honor a loved one and help heal grief. Handwritten words from the bereaved, love, emotion and memories create the foundation of these colorful and meaningful "Love is Eternal" tribute paintings.

Kerry Lee has created experiential public murals located in Northern California and “The Grove of Intention” Christchurch, New Zealand. “Grains of Intention” mural is at One House Bakery, Benicia and "You are The Dream Weavers" mural for the Benicia High School Library.

Kerry Lee lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.Learn more at KerryLeeArt.com